The 6502 Spotlight is a series of web articles where I show off different home computers and consoles based on, or using the MOS 6502 processor. Some of these are well known, most will be a bit more obscure. The aim of the series is to highlight both the incredible variety of home computers and to shine a spotlight on some of the more interesting models that were available.
The MOS 6510 (shown here as installed in the Commodore 64 Reloaded) is a variant of the MOS 6502
Above: the UMC6502I (shown here as found in my Atari 65XE) is a licensed clone of the MOS 6502.
Both computers and consoles using the MOS 6502 and those using 8 bit variants or variations of the MOS 6502 (such as the MOS 6510 or MOS 6507) will be featured in the series.

Available articles:
  • Part 5, featuring the Commodore Plus/4!
  • Part 4, featuring the Atari 65XE!
  • Part 3, featuring
  • Part 2, featuring the NEC TurboGrafx-16!
  • Part 1, featuring the MOS Technology KIM-1!