Breakout is a version of the classic wall-breaking game for the Commodore Amiga, featuring several updates such as power-ups, user editable levels and the option to save your game at any time - even in the middle of a level. It was originally released in 1998 and is written (mostly) in AMOS basic.
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Above: Screenshot from level 1 of Breakout.
System requirements:
  • Any Amiga / emulator with 1 Megabyte of CHIP memory or more*
  • Joystick or Mouse (editor requires mouse)
  • Harddisk installation recommended (especially for the editor)
  • AGA chipset recommended (improves frame-rate over OCS/ECS)

Download: Breakout v0.99
Readme: Breakout v0.99 readme

To get the latest version, an update is required. This update is highly recommended, it fixes several bugs.

Update to latest version: Breakout Update v0.99 B3
Readme for update: Breakout Update v0.99 B3 readme

Important: Breakout may seem to 'hang' on loading, if it does, please press space when the screen colour changes (this may happen twice). Sadly, this bug is unfixable.

Other available files:

*) Any emulator or Amiga computer 100% compatible with the OCS/ECS or AGA chipset. Untested under Amiga OS versions beyond 3.1, MorphOs or other clones. Not tested on 68040+ processors, nor CPU replacements such as the PiStorm or Vampire.