ASOS is a GUI toolkit for AMOS Basic.
It allows you to create a functional GUI for your programs.
Examples and documentation in Amiga guide format are included.
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Above: The ASOS 'about' screen
System requirements:
  • Any Amiga / emulator with 1 Megabyte of memory or more*
  • AMOS 1.35 or higher / AMOS Professional
  • Mouse
  • Harddisk installation highly recommended

Download: ASOS 1.35
Readme: ASOS 1.35 readme

The toolkit is written in AMOS and is delivered as a set of procedures. The GUI is not intuition based, but displayed as an AMOS screen.

*) Any emulator or Amiga computer 100% compatible with the OCS/ECS or AGA chipset. Untested under Amiga OS versions beyond 3.1, MorphOs or other clones. Not tested on 68040+ processors, nor CPU replacements such as the PiStorm or Vampire.