Copper Chunky is an example program, including source code, which shows a way to generate a chunky pixel screen using the Copper. The program is aimed at a 1MB Amiga 500, though it should also run on other Amiga's with at least 1MB of RAM.
For more information, see Amiga Tech File #5 - Copper Chunky.
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Above: The Copper Chunky program in use.
System requirements:
  • Any Amiga or emulator
  • 1MB of RAM
  • Kickstart 1.3 or higher
  • Mouse & Joystick

Download: CopperChunky.ADF
Download: CopperChunky.lha
Readme: CopperChunky.readme

The example is written in MC68000 assembly and contains full source code and all files used to make the program.

*) Any emulator or Amiga computer 100% compatible with the OCS/ECS or AGA chipset. Untested under Amiga OS versions beyond 3.1, MorphOs or other clones. Not tested on 68040+ processors, nor CPU replacements such as the PiStorm or Vampire.