I’ve always been fascinated by the Commodore Amiga line of computers and what they can and can’t do. To me, the Amiga marks the first time were home computers became capable of serious graphical and sonic abilities. As such, I’ve been reading up on the Amiga chipset (Angus, Paula, Denise) and it’s CPU (Motorola 68000).

With my newfound knowledge, I’ve started tinkering in 68000 assembly - trying out various Amiga features like the Blitter and Copper.
Part of my collection of newly released Commodore 64 games.
Above: some light reading about the Motorola 68000, the processor used by the Amiga 500, 600, 1000 and 2000.
This section of the website contains in depth technical articles about the Amiga chipset in general, commonly seen effects and how they’re done as well as articles featuring my own ideas and tricks.
Available articles so far:
  • Audio Mixing for Games - assembly source code and explanation about a method for mixing audio that should be fast enough for use in games
  • Free Form Sprite Layer - assembly source code and explanation about a way to get a 16/4 colour two layer screen without repeating patterns in the background
  • Dual Playfield ‘Fast Bobs’ - assembly source code and explanation about a fast way to blit bobs using Dual Playfield mode, with some restrictions.